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I’m back from this year’s Oregon Country Fair, on the way back from which I invented a new drink: the Homeopathic Mojito. Take a large vat of water, two mint leaves and a slice of lime. Swish the mint and lime briefly through the water, then remove them. Serve the water. By homeopathic principles, mint interferes with homeopathy—but by the same set of rules, by diluting the offending substance to the point where there may not actually be any particles left of it in a small sample, you counteract its effect! Therefore, the homeopathic mojito is much more refreshing than an actual mojito, Q.E.D.

In other news: The Oregon Country Fair sure is crowded on Saturdays now, but there is no beating the food there. Tofu Tia at the Tofu Palace—can’t beat it! I must retro-engineer the recipe for their sauce! The people-watching is choice too, especially if you enjoy watching hippies as much as I do.

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