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I’m happy to note that the paperback edition of Reading Comics is out now! (And that if you’re thinking of buying it online, if you buy it through the Amazon ad in the sidebar I get a little cut of the proceeds.)

I was in NYC this weekend for the MoCCA festival, and saw that Fly Ashtray were playing at Cake Shop. I love them—I’ve put out a few of their records, and will be releasing an EP by them soon—and, as I headed into Cake Shop to see them play, I realized I’ve been seeing them play for 16 years now. (They’ve actually been around in one form or another for more like 25 years.) Anyway, they were terrific as always: a lot of new songs, a few really old ones.

And while I was at the show, I ran into my friend Liz, who I met back iin the early ’90s too and hadn’t seen in many years, and who looked about the happiest I’ve ever seen her. We talked for a few minutes; she said “Man! Who’d have thought that of all people you wouldn’t have changed a bit?” I’m not sure how to take that—I still don’t know if it’s a compliment or a dis. Or value-neutral.

Then, at MoCCA, I saw my friend Anne, who had discovered that her friend Liz—a different Liz—knows the amazing Liza Johnson. “Yeah, I first met Douglas almost 25 years ago,” Anne reported that Liza had said, “and I have to say: that guy totally hasn’t changed at all.”


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