a rotorvane craze


When all else fails, there’s always cooking: orzo with mustard greens and lemon zest, a warm chickpea salad with enough olive oil to power a lamp for three weeks, a kind of accidental bok choy kimchee, kale with some slivers of spring onions, tempeh and tofu broiled with a slightly spicy glaze, roasted spring turnips, spinach fettucine with nettles and garlic. Even at ostensibly stressful moments, it’s nice to fall back on turning stuff from the PSU farmer’s market into tasty things for my family and houseguests.

Yet another new blog (I think this makes six for me): Final Crisis Annotations. If you don’t know what Final Crisis is, or know but don’t care, I can guarantee that there will be nothing of interest to you over there—strictly ├╝bergeek stuff.

“Crickets” is taking a little time off, because Shouting Fire is currently down; when it’s back up, I’ll be back there too. In the meantime, why not go over to Ida’s new site and check out some of the MP3s they’ve got over there? Or perhaps the Bea Arthur and Stevie Wonder videos at Mincing Up the Morning?

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