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Like GLaDOS sings, I’m still alive. (And thinking about teaching myself that song on the ukulele.) I took another trip to NYC, I went to New York Comic-Con and two very different seders, I came home, I read fiction I’d sort of written in front of an audience, I delivered “remarks” at a party, I went to Stumptown Comics Fest, I’ve been cranking away on a couple of work-related things and updating Circle the Globe and Mincing Up the Morning and occasionally posting to The Savage Critic(s) and doing my weekly radio show for Shouting Fire.

Where, if you’d been listening this week, you’d have heard:

  • Aram Saroyan: Crickets (theme)
  • Eno/Moebius/Roedelius: The Belldog
  • Superchunk remixed by Mark Robinson: Eastern Terminal
  • Arthur Russell: Get Around to It
  • Laila France: David Hamilton
  • Einst├╝rzende Neubauten: NNNAAAMMM
  • Mecca Normal: Water Cuts My Hands
  • Little Richard: Brown Sugar
  • Ida: Worried Mind Blues
  • Can: The Million Game
  • Carl Harvey: Guitar Inferno
  • Maybe It’s Reno: Feathers and Wings

Plus: both parents and in-laws visiting! Also: learning the difference between activity and productivity! And: planning out the summer!

My friends, if you’re thinking I might be missing you right now, you are almost certainly right.

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