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Time to reveal another secret project, I think: Mincing Up the Morning, which I’ve been doing for close to two months now and originally figured I’d keep secret while I figured out if I liked doing it enough to keep going. I do, so now you get to know about it. It’s a daily blog where I post a couple of videos by musicians whose birthday is that day. I recommend digging through the archives for the Betty Hutton, Mark E. Smith and George Harrison videos, for starters.

I’m still linkblogging up a storm at Circle the Globe—I’d integrate that stuff into Lacunae if there were an easy way to do it, and I may eventually give up on Movable Type and just go for Tumblr here.

Recently posted elsewhere: my interview with Kurt Busiek and Mark Bagley about Trinity, and my interview with Stephen Malkmus about being Stephen Malkmus.

And me? What have I been doing? Putting my house in order, in the most literal sense as well as the Ruth Fisher sense. Tonight we went to Nhut Quang, the new-ish vegan Vietnamese restaurant out on 82nd St., and had tasty cheap noodles and fake chicken with lemongrass.

Oh, fine. And playing way, way, way too much Scrabulous.

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