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Lisa and Sterling and I took a little trip to the Oregon coast a couple of days ago—to the seaside town of Seaside, where I ended up wandering into The Seaside Candyman, one of many salt-water-taffy stores lining its two major streets. The distinction of this one is that they have “The Candy Man,” the song, playing on a continuous loop. Loudly. All day. The two employees had smiles frozen onto their faces. They also have 170 flavors of salt water taffy, all of which taste… more or less the same.

But that’s not something I hadn’t eaten before. For that, we turn to our trip home, at which we stopped at the mighty Uwajimaya, an Asian superstore (which also has a branch in Seattle). They actually had a number of vegetables I was unfamiliar with, most of them roots I wasn’t sure how to prepare, but the fruit section included a kiwano. It was a little pricey, but really pretty—bright orange and covered in spikes, with near-fluorescent green seeds on the inside. A lot of the links I’ve found for it online give it a bad rap, but I thought it was delicious—Lisa said it reminded her of passionfruit in both taste and consistency, and I’d add that it’s a little like a sweet cucumber. A very messy fruit, but worth eating.

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