February 2008 Archives

another hit-and-run update


There’s actually sort of a lot going on, but most of it falls into one secret-project category or another. But a few notes:

This coming Saturday, Feb. 23, I’ll be at WonderCon in San Francisco, giving a talk called “The Senses-Shattering Return of the Novel of Ideas!” at the Comic Arts Conference.

Tom Spurgeon over at the Comics Reporter has posted a long interview with me.

If you write large things, and you use a Macintosh, I can heartily endorse Scrivener. Thanks to everyone who recommended it.

At the current rate of expansion, I will be writing every blog on the Internet by mid-October 2011.

I’m experimenting with a couple of other web projects—I’m currently linkblogging over at Circle the Globe, which I’ve set up with the remarkably simple Tumblr interface, and if that turns out to be enjoyable I might synthesize it with this blog. Or not.

A couple of other things will be manifesting themselves… soon enough. I’ll just say that the three of you who’ve missed my DJing will have some good news coming your way.