thousand and hundred

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Specifically, the party today: for 100 years of our house and 1000 days of this guy. I really do have some fantastic friends, you know. And, as a hundredth birthday present, we gave our house a name: it’s now known as the Mint. (Why? Because Lisa, Sterling and Douglas live there—and that abbreviation leads, conceptually, straight back to a name we love. Also, mint goes really well with fruit, and there are some serious fructivores in the house. And a mint can be a symbol of hospitality. And so on.)

For the party, I attempted to make latkes from a recipe which I will not link here, since it failed utterly. Attempt #1, admittedly, used frozen shredded potatoes from Costco. Nix. Attempt #2 used baking potatoes that I shredded with the food processor instead of by hand. Didn’t cohere either, despite using twice the amount of eggs the recipe called for. Attempt #3 used the rest of batch #2, minced up further in the food-processor bowl. Still no coherency. At this point, I decided the hell with it, I had perfectly good hash browns, stuck them in a bowl and called them “deconstructed latkes,” inspired by the “postmodern pancakes” at this excellent joint.

Getting out a bit more at last—I went to see Robyn Hitchcock and the 3/5 of R.E.M.s or whatever they’re called at Doug Fir last week (I wouldn’t have expected an encore at a Hitchcock show to be a 20-minute medley of “Heroin” and “The End,” but there you go), and returned to Doug Fir Friday night to see Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings tear the roof off the place for two hours.


My Beautiful Sinking Ship Author Profile Page said:

It's funny that your name abbreviations took you to pound-sterling, and mine went straight to acid. Even though I've never done acid and I'm a little teensy bit of an Anglophile.

My Beautiful Sinking Ship Author Profile Page said:

That is, my BRAIN went straight to acid. Not me.

Blergh. You didn't drive me to do acid. Not at 6:30 am. Not before coffee.

iridium Author Profile Page said:

Happy thousand-days to Sterling! He continues to be adorable.

I got sucked into poking around at y'all's photos, and was amused to see the one of you & Lisa hanging out at a Waffle House. Ten days, and I'll be back in the Land of Waffles and Sweet Tea.

Jessie Author Profile Page said:

I have good luck using the food processor shredding blade. Use baking potatoes. After you shred them, place them in a colander over a bowl to let them drain for a bit, then let the liquid settle a bit so that you can pour off any liquid that accumulates in the bowl without discarding the starch at the bottom. Use that bowl as your mixing bowl.

Happy 1000 days, Sterling!

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