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If it’s the second half of December, it must be time for every site and periodical on the planet to publish its best-of-the-year roundups. I’ve participated in a few of them, and here we go:

Some 2007 graphic novels & other comics-related projects I really enjoyed. (At Salon; gotta watch an ad first.) Note that it’s not my “best-of-the-year-in-order” list, just a lot of books I thought were good.

PItchfork’s top 100 tracks of 2007. I wrote up three of them. I particularly like the “download or stream almost everything” feature.

And… Pitchfork’s top 50 albums of 2007. I wrote up a couple of these, too.

Meanwhile, Paper Thin Walls’ 2007 mixtape is up; I wrote about Farah’s “Law of Life” for it.

I’ve been doing so much rounding up I feel like a cowboy or an accountant or something, but I did still manage to get my hands on this cookbook and make seitan piccata with green bean and mashed potatoes last night. Came out really well, I thought.

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