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This week’s haul from the farmer’s market included some sorrel and something identified both as komatsuma and as “mountain spinach,” which appear to be two different plants; not sure which it was. I’m pretty sure I hadn’t eaten any of the three of them before (and still haven’t eaten one). The latter green went into a stir-fry Lisa made a couple of days ago, where it seemed… green-like. (One kind of “mountain spinach,” according to the Oxford Companion to Food, is also known as orach, and is traditionally cooked with sorrel; wish I’d known that earlier!)

The sorrel went into a soup I made last night with some toor dal, carrots, onions and veggie broth—I cut it into ribbons and threw it in at the last minute, since it cooks very quickly. It has a tangy, lemony flavor that went well with the bean soup.

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