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Flew out to the East Coast yesterday, on the same plane as my friends Jenn and Kip, who managed to convince the guy scheduled to sit next to them that he should switch with me. A lucky thing, too: the guy who was initially sitting next to me pulled out a gigantic pile of newspaper sections that had pretty clearly been trash-picked--several weeks' worth of the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Oregonian, USA Today--picked his teeth with his cell phone for a minute, then turned to me and said "You know, a plane is a really good place to get a lot of reading done." [Pregnant pause.] "I've got a system."

No updates recently, because my life has largely consisted of being happily domestic, working on projects that won't be public for a little while yet, and discovering that getting paid twice for the same thing is sometimes not quite as easy as it looks. Oh yes: and getting to hold a copy of the finished book in my hands. Hooray!

Another sentence worthy of an exclamation point: Today I get to meet G. Willow Wilson and see Richard Thompson play!

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