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Sara Ryan forwards the official announcement of the library panel I'm going to be moderating with four of my favorite cartoonists on June 27!

Made my first-ever trip to "The Bins" a couple of days ago--it's the gigantic, not-particularly-organized Goodwill depot in Southeast Portland, where they try to clear everything out at rock-bottom prices to decrease their landfill bills. Bins come in and out of the place on rollers constantly. People line up, not where the newest bins are, but where they're about to be, so the moment they arrive they can grab for the good stuff. Elbows fly; there is a distinct social pecking order, which I could only guess at. My hands are still breaking out, after only an hour and a half's worth of exposure. I found a Prince 12-inch, a discographical encyclopedia and a set of (unstained) surgical scrubs. Total cost: $3.14. Sarah, who went with me, scored a vintage Christian children's animated videotape, called "Tiny Tots Pwaise," starring "Arky," the smiling anthropomorphic Noah's Ark.


shanbrazil said:

I've heard tales of these mythic Bins. Only the strong survive. Congratulations on your endurance. And thanks for the link!

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