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Long posting for this site on influence, style and plagiarism: attempted for a few hours, found to be tying itself into self-contradictory knots, shelved maybe for a day and maybe permanently.

Sauce for summer fruit: remainder of last night's three-buck Chuck and half a cup of honey, plus a rosemary sprig, a cinnamon stick and a dash of vanilla extract, boiled until it reduced to a thin bubbling puddle, but never got any more syrupy. Natural impulse to consider it a metaphor: unsuccessfully resisted.

First review of Reading Comics: exists, and pretty positive. Yay.

Sterling's new trick: we spread out all of Robert Crumb's "Early Jazz Greats" trading cards on the floor; then we name each musician and he picks up that card. Next, we'll try the "Heroes of the Blues" and "Pioneers of Country Music", which he loves too. I actually put together a mix CD for him of a song apiece from 26 of those country artists, all downloaded from eMusic.

Which reminds me that Lisa and I have a game we play between ourselves: when we hear a song we like, we try to figure out what its equivalent would be in Sterling's timeline. "Smells Like Teen Spirit," released 14 years before he was born, for instance, would be to him what "All Shook Up" is to us. And Charlie Poole's "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down," recorded 80 years before the advent of the 'Ling? That would just barely be a wax cylinder to us.

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