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haggadah slightly rewritten from the one I've been using the last two years

spring vegetable soup with matzo balls (the latter from a mix, I'm not proud, they come out fluffy that way)

mango-date haroset (very successful)

Ashkenazic haroset (the old standby)

Sephardic blood-orange and olive salad (to which I added dark brown heirloom tomatoes and watermelon radishes; Wendy did the prep on this one)

stuffed Savoy cabbage leaves with tomato-wine sauce (rather labor-intensive; glad to have done it once, not about to repeat the experiment)

kinpira gobo with nettles (not exactly a traditional Passover food, but hey, I had some burdock and some nettles around, what was I going to do? this, I think, was the unexpected hit of the evening--basically I just made straightforward kinpira gobo with burdock, carrots and rather a lot of ginger, plus 2 tsp. of chili paste, and then at the point where you let the burdock braise for 20 min. I added the nettles)

Moroccan beet salad (note to self for future iterations of this recipe: blanch the red onion for a minute before adding it so it doesn't overpower the sweetness of the beets with onion kapow)

Israeli eggplant salad

rhubarb and carrot tzimmes (sounded like a good idea, smelled a little odd when it was cooking, conveniently forgotten and left in fridge during meal)

nine wonderful guests



bitterbyrden said:

Damn, that sounds AMAZING. Nettles! Gobo (which I thought meant "burdock" ...correct me, pls), I love! Beet salad! Haroset! Matzoh!


matankantor said:

The only thing missing it appears, was Quinoa,
As it has been anounced a non-grain and so - suitable for Passover,
It appears everyone had Quinoa on the Seder table this year...

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