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Happy birthday to me! Lisa just gave me an excellent present: a painting by the gifted but non-human Thai artist Plai Chompon.

And I've been tagged by Sharon Mesmer with the five-little-known-things-about-myself meme. So:

1. While I have zero interest in most things having to do with military history, I am fascinated by surrender tickets.

2. I was in a very, very short-lived band called the Cranberries in the fall of 1992. The one song we recorded, "Saturday," did end up on a record, but by then we obviously couldn't be called the Cranberries any more.

3. I've drawn exactly one comic book: a 24-hour comic inspired by a bunch of texts from Jerome Rothenberg's amazing anthology Technicians of the Sacred.

4. My favorite candy is Botan Rice Candy.

5. I was given my first wok by a woman who worked for a restaurant-supply company, listened to my radio show in the early summer of 1990, called up the station, and asked if she could take me out to dinner after the show. She took me out for sushi (comped by the restaurant), drove me back to my house, dropped me off, and asked me, as she was about to leave, if I'd like a wok. I don't know what happened to the wok.

I am going to make this a self-selecting tag, so the first three people who leave a comment here with a link to where they've posted their own five-things lists (I think you might have to leave off the http bit, though) can consider themselves tagged.


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