okay, that's freaky

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The freaky thing is not Family Fodder's Savoir Faire CD selling for $47 on eBay--if it were out of print and hard to find and I didn't have one, I'd probably pay that much for it myself. The freaky thing is that it's not out of print--it's still in the catalogue. I mean, it's almost out of print (I think I've got a single-digit number of copies left, and incidentally if you're thinking of buying one now for "investment purposes" please please don't), but...


Doug Orleans said:

Sounds like you should raise your prices!

Soundslike said:

Hmm--when it is OOP, does that mean DBC will be reissuing the complete albums/EPs--or at least 'Monkey Banana Kitchen' w/ the Schizophrenia EP and the 'Film Music' single (all of which fit nicely on an 80min CD . . . ; )

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