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Dylan Meconis made me a birthday card:

I am a lucky person. Thanks to everybody who showed up to the birthday bash; I now know that Play-Doh is precisely the right thing to have sitting out on a table if you're going to have a bunch of artistically inclined people coming over to eat carrot halwa and chocolate cake and hasty pudding and cupcakes and apple crumble and ice cream.

Also, continuing with the JB video linkfest: Bedazzled! has an early-'70s Soul Train appearance with "Get on the Good Foot," "Soul Power," a few bars of "Escape-Ism," and "Make It Funky," plus James Brown revealed to be considerably shorter than Don Cornelius. No wonder he launched Future Shock.

Also also, since I realized I didn't mention it here: after a long dormancy, the Dark Beloved Cloud Singles Club is back in action--I just sent two new singles out to subscribers a few days ago. For details on how to subscribe (hint: it does not involve money), see this page.


rebecca said:

happy birthday my dear douglas. i did think of you in a timely manner, however, that didn't turn into a phone call, because, well, i'm lame and have preggo brain. i still send love and good wishes. i can't believe how long we've known each other. i'm so pleased for the goodness in your life. xo to all.

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