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Regular readers of this blog, those of you who are still left, may be relieved to know that karaoke updates have largely been exiled to a KaraokeJournal. But one crucial question occurred to me at karaoke tonight: why is there no karaoke version of Elliott Smith's "Waltz #2 (XO)"? It's a great song, it's eminently singable, and it's about an uncomfortable evening at a karaoke bar!

Also: I want to do this.


Tobias Carroll said:

Karaoke Underground -- based on the one time I sang while there -- is a damn good time.

Chelsey said:

Um hello! Can we please forward the Karaoke Underground to Chopsticks so they can procure ASAP??? And also: where Karaoke journal? And finally: the Alibi has now upgraded to the exact same enormous book and computer system as Chopsticks III! (But the sound is still wack.)

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