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I get email messages every week or so from people who want to know how they, too, can write a 33 1/3 book--the series that more people want to write than to read! Many of them write to me to ask about it despite not having read mine! In any case, here you go, sport.

I also get email messages, roughly as often, from people who want to know how they can write for a living. Brian K. Vaughan puts it much better than I could. Pull-quote #1: "'Writer's block' is just another word for video games." Pull-quote #2: "Stop making excuses and start making art."

In other news, it's amazing how many electronic devices I now routinely cram into my backpack for an out-of-town trip. Computer + charger. Cell phone + charger. Digital recorder + phone link. iPod + charger + connector + headphones. GoLite + charger. I am sure that almost all of these will be the same small device in a few years, and I can't wait for my two-way wrist computer.

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