three things that made me smile

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1. This quotation (via my friend Robin): a footnote to the vertebrate limb development chapter in the NCBI online edition of S. Gilbert's Developmental Biology text:

When referring to the hand, one has an orderly set of names to specify each digit (digitus pollicis, d. indicis, d. medius, d. annularis, and d. minimus, respectively, from thumb to little finger). No such nomenclature exists for the pedal digits, but the plan proposed by Phillips (1991) has much merit. The pedal digits, from hallux to small toe, would be named porcellus fori, p. domi, p. carnivorus, p. non voratus, and p. plorans domi, respectively.

2. This fourteen-second video, forwarded to me by my friend John.

3. I now have my good chair in my office again, after three years of going without, and it feels so good. It's amazing how much access to a really good chair can improve the pleasantness of being at one's desk.

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