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Mission of Burma were freakishly inspirational as usual last night at Doug Fir. Highlight of the new stuff, and probably of the show, was "Donna Sumeria," their adaptation of a couple of ideas from "I Feel Love" into the Burma idiom (there's an MP3 here, and while you're at it that Yo La Tengo song is mighty good). A mosh-pit broke out, mostly courtesy of two guys in muscle-tees who look like they make a habit of starting mosh-pits, but then at some point somebody lost a pair of glasses; the pit abruptly became an anti-pit, with everyone shining their cell phones at the floor until the glasses were found, at which point it resumed.

I like the new Burma songs so much I wouldn't even mind if they felt less obligated to play some of the old stuff--I mean, I will never complain about hearing "Academy Fight Song" and "That's When I Reach For My Revolver," but I don't think being sure to hear the hits is the draw for Burma at this point.

Cooking for guests: Korean-style cucumber salad with cukes from the garden, tofu fajitas, pancakes pancakes pancakes for three unexpected but very welcome overnight guests from Seattle. Also confirmed my suspicion that there is no small social gathering, no matter how much fun it already is, that can't be made more fun with a screening of Jessica Yu's "Sour Death Balls", the most perfect four-minute student film ever.

Much as I would love to do what Carl suggests I ought to do, I think I am going to temporarily withhold comment on Numa Nouveau. I'm tabling a lot of things until the Great Big Project is done--a friend's suggestion of getting a "core dump" onto paper convinced me to make a specific list of the things I'm going to do when (& not until) the G.B.P. is out of the way, and the list is getting scarily long.

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