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Lisa and Sterling and I returned to the Oregon Country Fair yesterday--we'd skipped last year. To cop L.'s excellent description from the first time we went: "When we got there, it was like: aaaaaagh, hippies! But by the time we left, it was like: ahhhh! hippies!" Primo people-watching opportunities, of course; excellent food, mai oui. (As I explained to my friend Erika, who'd bought some terrible sushi: the more likely that something a food booth is serving is something that hippies eat a lot of, the more likely it is to be really good. Sushi: no. Hemp-burgers: yes. I had some awesome roasted tofu with salsa, mango frozen yogurt with honey-blackberry topping, etc.) S. enjoyed the puppet shows and juggling. Elapsed time from when we stepped out of the car to some dude trying to sell us "stanky bud": eight seconds. I am PUSHING A STROLLER, DUDE.

Sterling's head-smelling-like-sugar-cookies days are long gone, sadly, but his head keeps manifesting interesting odors (that have nothing to do with anything that's actually come into contact with it). A couple of days ago, the right side of his head--but just the right side--smelled exactly like brioche.

A new and excellent audioblog: Destination Out, specializing in jazz and its discontents--any site that posts News For Lulu MP3s is A-OK by me. Also, my summer songs post on Soul Sides should be up for a couple more days. I love Oliver's blog, even if he does call me Doug.

In the comics-geek department: this post made me howl out loud repeatedly, and I don't even like Sgt. Rock.

If I don't seem to be posting much these days, that's because the book is eating my brain like a hungry little zombie. Braaains.


Jules said:

hey douglas, greetings from your hippie friends in Eugene! next time visit us at the Fair! let me know before you head out and i'll give you 'directions'. glad to hear you went and enjoyed the visit.

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