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seventeen flavors of awesome

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Sarah Oleksyk's dead-on parodies of Craig Thompson and Jeffrey Brown: here.

Currently in San Diego for Comic-Con International. Carried a copy of Lost Girls around in my backpack for several hours. Back hurts.

I dance on the clock face; that's how it goes

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Lisa and Sterling and I returned to the Oregon Country Fair yesterday--we'd skipped last year. To cop L.'s excellent description from the first time we went: "When we got there, it was like: aaaaaagh, hippies! But by the time we left, it was like: ahhhh! hippies!" Primo people-watching opportunities, of course; excellent food, mai oui. (As I explained to my friend Erika, who'd bought some terrible sushi: the more likely that something a food booth is serving is something that hippies eat a lot of, the more likely it is to be really good. Sushi: no. Hemp-burgers: yes. I had some awesome roasted tofu with salsa, mango frozen yogurt with honey-blackberry topping, etc.) S. enjoyed the puppet shows and juggling. Elapsed time from when we stepped out of the car to some dude trying to sell us "stanky bud": eight seconds. I am PUSHING A STROLLER, DUDE.

Sterling's head-smelling-like-sugar-cookies days are long gone, sadly, but his head keeps manifesting interesting odors (that have nothing to do with anything that's actually come into contact with it). A couple of days ago, the right side of his head--but just the right side--smelled exactly like brioche.

A new and excellent audioblog: Destination Out, specializing in jazz and its discontents--any site that posts News For Lulu MP3s is A-OK by me. Also, my summer songs post on Soul Sides should be up for a couple more days. I love Oliver's blog, even if he does call me Doug.

In the comics-geek department: this post made me howl out loud repeatedly, and I don't even like Sgt. Rock.

If I don't seem to be posting much these days, that's because the book is eating my brain like a hungry little zombie. Braaains.