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...oh where, oh where, oh where have you been? Keeping up an unhealthy work/travel schedule is where--any time I nap on three consecutive days there's definitely a problem. Most of the fruits of it won't see print for a while yet, although my little eMusic Dozen on Portland music seems to have gone up already.

San Francisco was all whirlwind, heat, and flash--meeting up with Andrea and Jay, Lisa D., Maya and Liz, and finally Jess and Michael; the inevitable record-store pilgrimages (got particularly lucky at Rooky Ricardo's, although the proprietor noted that "like one in three people who come in here are looking for the same records you're asking me about"--maybe so, but I walked out with Rev. Willingham and His Swanees' "That's the Spirit," and they didn't, OR DID THEY); wandering around the Tenderloin in search of a place to read a photocopy of Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness & get dinner; retreating to my room to listen to stuff for work when I might have been out going to comics-industry parties, and realizing that I'd probably have keeled over if I'd gone out; freakishly good breakfasts at Dottie's True Blue Café and Kate's Kitchen; realizing that, while I'd gotten a pile of fantastic-looking CDs at Amoeba, there was no way to justify listening to them until I'd gotten through a queue of things I was required to listen to first...

Somewhere in the void of the last couple of weeks, I got the idea that it'd be great to host another seder this year. Spent a while today debugging the haggadah I assembled last year (only to find that I'd been scooped by Slate); tomorrow is going to be all-day cooking day. To celebrate finishing one of my gnarlier pieces, I went out to a grocery store to buy ingredients, and discovered to my delight that they had a single 2-liter bottle of Coke with a yellow cap--the sign that it's made with actual sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. Turned out they had a few more in back; I bought them to bring to parties this summer.

Best video, full stop. Thank you, ILM.


bulb said:

Thanks, that VP video made my day. Does it really date to 1999 or is AMG wrong on dates? Ifigured it was a later post-disco -era effort.

Ahh . . . kate's Kitchen, the sweeter side of the Haight

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