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Six thoroughly unrelated things:

*The seder went very, very well. Hit of the things I cooked: eggplant in date sauce, from Chris & Carolyn Caldicott's World Food Café cookbook. (Its secret ingredient is rose water.)

*That new compilation A Tom Moulton Mix on Soul Jazz is the most oh-maybe-I'll-just-hit-play-again thing I've heard this year--16 full-length disco mixes by the guy who pretty much invented "the disco mix" as we know it. Given how many zillion records he's been involved with, I demand volumes 2 through 8. Also, somehow, in the course of 30 years, Andrea True's "More, More, More," Isaac Hayes' "Moonlight Loving," etc. have gone from being a camp caricature of "sexiness" into actually being s-e-X-X-X-y; how'd that happen?

*Does anybody happen to know a program that can convert .avi files from Google Video to something it's possible to edit in iMovie, preferably without giving the soundtrack a terminal case of the jitters? I'm trying to get together the video element of my EMP talk, and hitting speed-bumps and traffic cones.

*As innumerable people have commanded us to do, we're finally watching Arrested Development on DVD, from the beginning, and yes it really is that good. We're midway through the second season now, and just got to that "loose seal" joke they spent like A YEAR setting up.

*If some kind of economic collapse happens to the mainstream comics market in the next few years, a good example of the kind of ghastly crossover-tie-in thing that dragged the industry by its heels through the town square will be The Battle for Blüdhaven #1. Whoever greenlighted it may have had some justification for its existence in mind (although I can't imagine what), but that seems to have gotten away by the time the whole thing was done. No passion, no grace, no point.

*Chopsticks Express has a new batch of karaoke discs, so of course I'm drawn to the ones I'm pretty sure I know the words to but am perfectly aware I can't pull off anyway. Four consecutive trainwrecks last night: "Everything to Me," "September Song," "Tangled Up in Blue," "Mother Popcorn." I really should know better.

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