which one's the pink rosebud? and one more

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...this time, a short piece in the New York Times Arts & Leisure section about the Television Personalities.

If you were in Portland last night and missed Charming Hostess's performance at a lovely hardwood yurt behind somebody's house in Northeast, you totally missed out: one of the nicest audience/performer vibes I've felt in ages, songs from Sarajevo Blues and Trilectic, a nicely choreographed cover of "Spoonful," and an encore that was announced as "a very sad Romanian song" and turned out to be the Velvelettes' "Needle in a Haystack." Also, more music venues should have trays of little snacks.

Weird used-vinyl find of the day: a 1977 12-inch disco single by Rosebud, "Have a Cigar"/"Money," on Warner Bros. A little searching revealed that Rosebud released an entire LP, Discoballs, of Pink Floyd covers. The single, on which the lyric of "Have a Cigar" is reduced to its opening line, up through "they're gonna love you," and repeated about a million times, makes them sound like pretty anonymous Eurodisco types. (And the album's cover--naked, grumpy-looking woman wrapped in a few coils of red fabric and holding a red-vinyl LP in classical discus-throwing pose--does the same.) But somehow an anonymous Eurodisco version of "Interstellar Overdrive" still seems like a really good idea. Can somebody either confirm or disabuse me of this notion before I actually spend time/money tracking down a copy?

Actually, they do get points for having the entire final 90 seconds of their "Money" be the anonymous discoettes repeating "goody-goody-goody bullshit." Still not as good as the Galactic Symposium's version, though.

See, the original idea I was considering pitching for this year's Experience Music Project conference was "extreme European disco"--Alec R. Costandinos and his ilk. If I'd done that, I'd have had to have tracked down Rosebud's record already. Fortunately, instead I'm going to be talking on April 30 about the Numa Numa Dance. This is gonna be fun, I think.


Kent said:

I would totally seek out a copy of Disco Balls. Sounds like hours of fun.

Would love to hear the 12" you found - this is totally my bag.


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