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Do you like happy babies, specifically ours? Do you like bubbles? Do you like Krautrock? If you answered all three of those "yes," here's what you're doing for the next four minutes, courtesy of Lisa: clicky.

Oddly, as I typed that sentence, I was listening for the first time to "The Iron Dream," the last song from Die Trip Computer Die's new Die Like a Rock, which has a... very similar beat.

I've spent the last few days at New York Comic-Con. Yes, there were lines. Yes, it was fun. Most notable thing that happened: I got to read an advance galley of Alison Bechdel's Fun Home, which is coming from Houghton Mifflin in June, and subsequently spent the rest of the weekend ranting to everyone I met about how good it is. Strong candidate for graphic novel of the year, I'm guessing, although I'm hoping the same for Lost Girls.


Maya said:

Is "Fun Home" as good as I think it's going to be, as a devoted Alison Bechdel fan? Or is it even better?

geeta said:

the video RULES!!

Aileen said:

Best. Bubble boy. EVER!!

simon said:

Cool movie.

Hey, do you know why the first Neu album was on emusic for like a week, but has since been removed?

kolbester said:

If you are a Bechdel fan you will love Fun Home---if you are not or have not heard of her---this will be your chance to read an incredible work.

Geeta...what video?

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