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Watched part of the DVD for DEV2.O, the 10-to-14-year-old A*Teens-style Devo cover band (overseen by Gerald Casale) whose album will be coming out from Walt Disney Records. I thought: this could be a really bad idea, but it's actually pretty funny. "Boy U Want"; okay, I can deal with that. "Jerkin' Back 'n' Forth" rewritten as a song about dancing ("the reason that I move like this is all because of you"); cute.

The way-too-eager kid who's their guitarist talks in his interview segment about how Devo were 20 years ahead of their time. As Lisa points out, that would mean that their time was 1996 or so. But Disney hyping 12-year-olds with flowerpot hats and animated potatoes flying around their heads--I know this is paradise everyone of a certain age and subculture has dreamed of all their lives.

Then I heard their "Freedom of Choice." (A song I'm slightly sentimentally attached to--I loved playing it during my brief guest stint with Crowns on 45.) No no no no--this is a bad idea after all, I thought. The lyric at the end is "Freedom of choice is what you got/Freedom from choice is what you want." They sing it as "of," both times. NO.

And, as I was typing this, I noticed that the last song on their CD is "Beautiful World." I thought: I will forgive them everything if the lyrics are intact--that magnificent moment at the end where Devo finally lets the song's hammer fall: "It's a beautiful world/For you/For you/For you/It's not for me." I will forgive them nothing if they're changed. So I played it. "I guess me too," it ends.

How is it that the 2006 synth settings they're using are seven times chintzier than the ones they used in 1980? Don't say "de-evolution."


Eric said:

After listening to Casale's irritating commentary on the Devo video-collection DVD, I thought he might be pulling a Mike Love on us. Now, I'm almost positive.

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