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Happy December. How'd everyone's NaSoAlMo album go? If you finished yours, let me know and I'll put a big red "WINNER!" beside your name on the site. 15 winners so far! If you put up MP3s of it, I'll post a link; if you want to put up MP3s but don't have the server space, drop me a line and I'll try to hook you up.

Yes, I finished my solo album this year. No, I'm not making it public--I respect all of you too much. But here's the contents of "Fortress" (total time: 30 minutes and change):

Master of Timing
- What if math-rock bands forgot how to count?
Stardust for the Zoos
- So sensitive. So sensitive.
Secret Secret Service
- Redolent of the resin scraped from the very bottom of They Might Be Giants' discard pile; does, however, obey Attitude & Couture's dictum that all songs should be about espionage
Positive Gain
- Put down the flange pedal. Step away from the flange pedal
Top Hat Blues
- Somebody seems to really like Dylan's "Summer Days," hmm?
Whose Lawes We Keep
- A bit like a flu-ridden Elliott Smith doing an interminable, unfunny parody of Painful-era Yo La Tengo. Except longer. Much, much longer
Noon Chorus
- You know, the Oblique Strategies aren't necessarily always a good idea to use
Art or Arse? (You Be the Judge)
- A cover of a song by Thee Headcoats; since I couldn't make out most of the words, I made up new, very mean ones about people I like and admire, then sang them through so much distortion that they're now unintelligible anyway

Recent karaoke update: "The One On the Left Is On the Right" cinchy but got blank stares, "Back To Life" catastrophic, "Beautiful World" cathartic & decent despite its very long intro and outro, "Ignition Remix" a definite winner. Chelsey did a pellucid "You Needed Me," and we seem to have befriended a regular who often sings "Silent Lucidity." There will apparently be a staff-of-Chopsticks vs. Portland Mercury karaoke showdown soon, and I am PSYCHED for Chopsticks' revenge.

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