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It's good to have little goals for oneself; it's good to reach them. After two years of nibbling away at it, I am finally, finally freaking done with Rising Up and Rising Down--finished reading the last couple of scraps, notably the completely terrifying chapter on Madagascar, "The Jealous Ones," this week. I'm very, very glad to have read the unabridged version, even though it probably led me to drive a couple of my friends batty by talking about it for so long. And now, of course, I have the urge to find a way to teach a class that would let me assign at least the "Moral Calculus" section.

Of all the series that are going away in the post-Infinite Crisis purge, the one I'm saddest to see end is Gotham Central, which played to both Greg Rucka's and Ed Brubaker's strengths as writers, had a distinctive visual style, used the DC Universe as the backdrop for consistently entertaining police-procedural stories that couldn't have worked without it, and naturally sold horribly--a bit over 17,000 copies a month, by the end. The idea was that it was set at a police station in Gotham City, where the cops have to deal with the usual street crime and internal corruption, but also with costumed vigilantes who probably do them more good than harm but are really tough to work with anyway. (My favorite storyline was probably the recent one where a teenage boy in a Robin costume is found dead. Is it the real Robin? Obviously not, but the cops have no way of knowing that, and the fact that Batman shows up, says he's taking care of it, and disappears again doesn't help. Then another dead kid in a Robin costume turns up...) Was the problem that there wasn't enough boom-boom action? Or not enough spandex? Or that a lesbian Latina cop as a lead character was a hard sell for the fanboys?

Anyway, I'm glad to hear that the cop in question, Renée Montoya, will be one of the protagonists of the forthcoming weekly series 52, but the leaked preview that's been going around-- "Down-on-her-luck Montoya will see her bed become a revolving door of lovers -- one of whom will make her mark on the DCU before all is said and done"--makes me want to pretend the series ended last month, with Montoya and Allen making it back home safely. Also, the bed-as-revolving-door image just makes me imagine people landing on the floor, or getting their capes caught.

Karaoke report: needed to get out of the house Tuesday night, and figured this was really the only week of the year where I could get away with Culturcide's "Santa Claus Was My Lover" (the original can be heard here, or should that be "original" in quotation marks?). Luckily enough, just as I took the stage, a couple of folks wearing (respectively) a Santa hat and some glittery reindeer antlers came in, and gave me some visual assistance.

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