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From Plastic Man #19 (and can anybody explain to me why nobody bought this series? WHY DO YOU HATE FUN?!): "I learned that trick watching tapes of the old Ali-Superman fight."


John said:

Ooh! Ooh ooh! And it wasn't just a comic book, either! It was a GIANT-SIZE book with a thin cardstock cover, something DC did a few of in the mid-seventies (note the price - normal comics were still 35 cents then, and annuals weren't more the 75). Lower right hand corner depicts, I believe, Jimmy Carter.

I did not have 2.50, and couldn't stand to just read endings at the newstand, so I never read it. But I thought about it a lot, and stared thoughtfully at the cover while it was on the stand. I found the whole issue troubling: Ali was my hero but I couldn't see him realistically lasting five seconds with Superman.

mizerock said:

Ah, there's a catch - Superman has to fight away from earth, under a different sun, where he has no powers.

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