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Hey, NaSoAlMo participants who are looking at this page: the folks from NaNoWriMo have let it be known that they could really use a theme song. If you've got one, drop a line to sam [at-sign], why dontcha?

I neglected to mention that there are new incarnations of two of my very favorite music-related time-wasters. The new edition of George Gimarc's Punk Diary is actually a significantly expanded combination of his old Punk Diary and Post-Punk Diary--a day-by-day guide to everything significant that happened in punk and its fallout from 1970 to 1982 (although it really only kicks into high gear with 1977). On May 12, 1981, for instance, Huang Chung signed with Arista Records, Positive Noise released Heart of Darkness, A Flock of Seagulls' first Peel session aired, Orange Juice released their Postcard 'zine/flexi, and Virna Lindt released the "Attention Stockholm" single. The nine gigs listed for that night include an all-ages show by the Beat, Musical Youth and Nervous Kind at Locarno in Birmingham, Japan/Modern English at the Odeon in Edinburgh, Five Or Six/Ben Watt/Happy Few at The Pits in London, and--I love this--Depeche Mode and Furious Pig sharing a bill at the Venue in London. (And if you don't know Furious Pig, please go straight to that link and treat yourself to "I Don't Like Your Face.") I am sometimes hesitant to pick up this book, because I know I'm going to spend way too long with it.

The other one is straight-up geekery too: the Dylan Pool is back. This is a (cashless) betting pool whose participants try to guess what songs Bob Dylan is going to play on his current tour--he has a working repertoire of about 120 songs, and some are worth more than others in the pool. ("All Along the Watchtower," with which he ends almost every show, is worth one point; "Simple Twist of Fate," which he hadn't played in two years until last week, is worth 18 points.) I am doing very poorly indeed in the current pool (he played my 15-point bingo "Cat's in the Well" at the first show of the tour, then abandoned it...), but I still check the site every few days--there's something that perversely appeals to me about trying to make a prediction whose results are entirely based on one person's whims.


michael said:

With the Gimarc books, I like to fantasize about what gig I would attend in any given historical night. The line-ups can be phenomenal.

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