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After a brief flirtation last year, I have fallen back in love with my RSS reader. Anybody want to recommend some good (non-blog, non-music-related) feeds? That's what the comments section's for.

NaSoAlMo 2005 is go! A bunch of last-minute signups, now at the site. Have fun, everyone.


lalitree said:

*crosses off half of my feed list*

*crosses off other half*

Heh, not totally true, but close. I also subscribe to feeds for comments on my Flickr photos, a handful of Mac news sites, ESPN headlines for NHL and MLB, science news from, various friends' feeds, and so on. There's also, which lets you subscribe to a sort of meta-feed based on categories you choose, so e.g. I have one for "prius" which returns news stories from all over, usually of decent interest.

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