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So House of M is finally over, and I'm wondering what to make of it. It looks like it actually will have some significant effects in the long term--the "cosmic reset button," as Paul O'Brien puts it, didn't get hit, or at least not entirely. But it felt like pumping it up into a multi-title event was way too much for the slim amount of plot it actually contained--I gave up reading all the tie-ins after the first week or two, when I realized that not only were they not going to affect the outcome of the main story, but they weren't going to affect anything in the main story. I was also hoping for some sign that the McGuffin Girl Who Magically Remembers Everything And Can Magically Make Everybody Else Remember Everything Too was something more interesting than that, but no. I do like the Bendisisms in the final chapter, though, especially Spider-Man losing his temper. But I think my chief complaint is that it's not really a complete story--despite the when-all-else-fails technique of ending the last issue with the giant pan-out sequence that ends up looking at the Earth from outer space, this doesn't have any kind of satisfactory dramatic resolution, it's just the setup for the next story arc. And would it have hurt to give some sense of what kind of numbers Cerebra was displaying? Or a reason for why those numbers are what they are, other than "uh, magic"?

On a completely different sort of comics front: Killoffer's Six Hundred and Seventy-Six Apparitions of Killoffer is now out in the U.S., and is a fantastically good and creepy book about fearing one's own id. Sample pages at the link.

Thing that made me very happy to see in the mailbox today: The Complete Motown Singles, vol. 3. I think I only knew about seven of the songs on it, but I'm pretty close to pathologically over-interested in context, and this thing is a context-lover's dream. Runner-up would've been Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian's Buddha Machine, but mine has some kind of fabrication defect--one of the screws half-severed a wire inside it--which means that it makes a shortwave-not-picking-up-anything screech that's louder than the intentional content.

I've actually been fielding a couple of media inquiries about NaSoAlMo. Good Lord. Update with a few after-the-last-minute entrants on the page.


I haven't tried the Buddha Machine yet, but I just got mine yesterday too.

fm3 said:

christiaan here from FM3

sorry to hear about your sick buddha machine!

let me know where you got it, drop me your address, and i'll post a new one to you this week!

fm3 said:

my email address:

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