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So apparently Belgium is currently running an Internet special: you can register any .be domain name for free. (Up to five, or is it ten?, per customer.) All of the common English words ending in -be are taken already, but I went through and snagged myself,,, and Those plucky little Belgians!

Broken Social Scene at the Roseland on Friday night, all dozen or so of them: I love the gigantic mass of sound (and the horn players who wander on stage when they're called for), but if you're going to have that much texture and volume happening unremittingly you need two things: 1) to not play for well over an hour and a half (we left during the first encore), and 2) a frontperson who can hold the whole thing together. Which they had for a few songs: not the guy who sounds a lot like J Mascis, not the guy who (as my friend Wendy noted) looks exactly like Trey Anastasio, but FEIST! Only saw about half of her opening set, but was very impressed, and when she bounded onto the stage with B.S.S. (or should that be "the rest of B.S.S."?) to sing "7/4 (Shoreline)," the whole band started incandescing. More please.

For those who haven't been reading it up until now: Carla Speed McNeil's fabulous "aboriginal SF" comic Finder is now being serialized on the web, starting with the new storyline, "Five Crazy Women." Two pages a week. Starts here. There's even RSS.


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Douglas, you rule -- I just got

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someone could set up a really nice christian slater fan site at

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