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Lisa's photo show opened today at Newspace Center for Photography. Portlanders, go see it!

Record of the day is a small one: Quick Quick Slow Death, the Melt-Banana/Chung split 10" EP on Sounds of Subterrania. The Chung side is pretty straightforward barre-chord punk rock with a keyboard--not so much my thing--but the Melt-Banana side is spectacular. "52 Hands, 36 Possibilities" is mostly a cut-up piano-and-drums freakout, like the piano solo from the single version of "$10 a Pile" sliced on the diagonal and distributed unevenly, and Yako's "lyric" is mostly homonyms for what she's actually doing on the microphone, which is yelling "no" with different intonations. ("Now no nail nest no name known now," etc.) "Sweeper" is the kind of song I was really hoping they'd make after Cell-Scape. It takes them further into pop (by their standards, not by most other people's) than even "Free the Bee" did: not just verses and choruses but actual harmonies--okay, not harmonies exactly, but Yako double-tracking her voice, that has to count for something--and there's even a semi-boppy synth-pulse running through the song. Plus it's still got the crazy split-second tone-switches of their hardcore stuff. (A couple of times Agata flicks on that "skidding" sound that made my hair stand straight up on "Lost Parts Stinging Me So Cold.") One of my favorite things they've ever recorded. "Target Inside" seems like a lagniappe: a little screechy acrobatic hardcore jab, just to indicate that that mode is still natural to them.

Also noted, happily: the "ear" section of Melt-Banana's site now includes a song I'd never heard before that they did for Adult Swim's "Perfect Hair Forever," called "HAIR-CAT ('cause the wolf is a cat!)"--pretty much in the MxBx HxCx mode.

Unrelatedly: a piece I wrote about Harvey Pekar's new book, up at Salon. (Ad to sit through first, sorry.)

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