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Fine, so I'm two behind. Like anybody but me is keeping score... the Top!Secret!Project! is eating a lot of time at the moment. As the moment, I'm listening to the new domestic reissue of No New York, which I'm very glad to own on CD at last--I've waved the flag for this album often enough. (Last week's Other Music update included a blurb for the new reissue that made me think "huh, whoever's writing about that has a lot of the same annoying writing tics I do... Oh wait! I wrote that--SIX YEARS AGO, when the Japanese version came out!")

I'd heard that attempts to reissue it in the U.S. had failed for years for one reason or another; this one claims to be on a Russian label called Lilith (licensed from "Universal Music Plc., Russia"), has liner notes in Russian, etc. (It also has a beautiful glossy Digipak and a couple of typos in the packaging, like a picture of Mars' Sumner Crane labeled as Sumner Cran.) But "Universal Music Plc." doesn't seem to exist, and Lilith's domain (at which there's nothing right now, but an e-mail address on the package points there) is lilith-spb-ru.com. Note that that's not a .ru. A little investigation reveals that the domain's registered to somebody in Italy.

Great album, in any case.

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