anybody here missing a birthright?

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Back in Portland, scrambling to meet deadlines that have snuck up on me. No celebrities on the plane this time, just my copy of Charles Burns' Black Hole, which I'm reviewing for money elsewhere so I won't talk about it here, but, uh, wow. Also a pile of SF-ish short stories (and a short play by Caryl Churchill) photocopied for me by Liz Gorinsky as "stuff that somebody who likes Kelly Link might like." Righto in most cases, especially M.T. Anderson's "The Weight and Excellence of Coal" and Ted Chiang's "Liking What You See: A Documentary." Must investigate further.

I realize that I have completely blown it on the record-a-day thing. But the record I've been coming back to most for the last few days is Fireball's Blessed Be 12" EP (on the High Roller Society Records label, which I'm thinking has to be them, especially given the silkscreened cover). Four songs with the particular overdriven caveman sound I like (the drum sound is somebody just ramming sticks onto untuned garbage-can drums in a tight fist grip), and a double-tracked woman whose singing involves lots of early-'80s new wave vocal habits, and two guitarists who are almost totally inaudible when the bass is blowing out the half-wrecked condenser mic this record seems to have been recorded with. Somebody in the band seems to be obsessed with occult stuff. Somebody in the band thought it'd be a good idea to cover Amon Düül II's "Archangels Thunderbird." (Actually, it probably always is, and it definitely is in this case.) I hadn't realized that something that sounds like a collaboration between Drunks With Guns and Velocity Girl was what I wanted so badly right now.

NaSoAlMo update #1: new signers-up include:
Neven J. Carswell (a.k.a. the Claudes)
Pat Feghali
Todd Gehman
Charles Michelet
Kate St. Claire
Tyler Wilcox

NaSoAlMo update #2: for any participants who'd like to post their masterworks online but don't have server space, Sean from the mighty Said the Gramophone has very kindly offered to host some for the month of December. Thank you, Sean!


Casuistry said:

Which Caryl Churchill? A theatre company I'm close to will be putting on "Far Away" in a few months in Portalnd...

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