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And otherwise. Thanks for asking. I'm currently in NYC, working on a non-Project X project that is not secret, per se, but in fact so boring that if I mentioned it I would instantly fall asleep at the keyboard, and as the wi-fi café where I'm typing is about to close, that might be a problem. The only noteworthy thing that's happened lately is that I sat next to Janet Reno on an airplane. (She was giving off an intense "please don't talk to me, I just want to read my paper in peace" vibe, so I didn't disturb her. I can, however, report that she read the New York Times cover to cover, folding it in the old professional-commuter way, then the Oregonian cover to cover, then did the Times crossword puzzle, then the in-flight magazine's crossword puzzle.)


c said:

hmmmm, interesting indeed. two papers and two crosswords? wowza. it is details such as these that only true reporters can recall and deliver. your site is fascinating. top secret and otherwise.

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