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Back from SPX, which was fun and fairly relaxed, as usual, but I don't have a whole lot of stories to tell. The best thing of the whole weekend has to have been K. Thor Jensen's wordless minicomic adaptation of "Trapped in the Closet"... starring Batman as R. Kelly. As great as it... had no choice but to be.

Other than that, the moments that are sticking in my memory are greyed over by the sleep deprivation that lasted all weekend: taking a cab back to the airport with a driver who was listening to some AM news station, and continuing to turn it up long after the distance from the transmitter added so much screeching waving noise to its output that I spent the last 20 minutes of the ride feeling like I was inside Ira Kaplan's amp during an especially vigorous performance of "Barnaby, Hardly Working"; Brett Warnock's glee at his round-corner-cutting device; seeing a couple of friends' darker side, and appreciating it; realizing that the house where Bryan Lee O'Malley and Hope Larson live probably has more raw talent per square foot than any other building; somebody's shouted answer to the question (on a panel) of what was possible with sex in comics and not in other media ("Tentacle porn!"); hearing a story about a cartoonist's drunken middle-of-the-night mishap repeated by various people over half a dozen times (and eventually repeating it myself); quiet dinners with new friends (on the way to which I watched old friends try to squeeze into other restaurants in 20-plus-person hordes) too many conversations that involved lemurs; too many conversations that involved iPods; too many conversations with cartoonists who'd come to see what everyone else was up to but never managed to get away from their tables.


Unfortunately, I own some live-action tentacle porn. It's not a happy place.

Thanks for the kind words.

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