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I recently read a quote to the effect that in order to do well in the world, you have to have any two out of the following three attributes: being a total genius, being the nicest person in the world, and being on time. (I think somebody actually said that about the comics industry, but it's generalizable.) Having been batting zero for three lately, I've been spending the last couple of weeks catching up on scheduled and unscheduled work, and also whining a lot. And declining some jobs, which is curiously tough for me to do. Haven't been on dry land since pre-baby, but I'd gotten used enough to feeling at least a little silt beneath my feet that it was alarming to realize that I was in nothing but water.

Finally, yesterday afternoon, I turned in my last outstanding piece until at least next Wednesday, which is why I'm currently lying in a comfortable chair on the porch of my mom's place in upstate New York, eating blueberries and preparing to read about a half-blood prince, as well as plotting a couple of little projects for this year's Burning Man (one of them involves orange yarn, sunblock and a secret society; another one involves a modified version of the Myers-Briggs test and a five-pound bag of Smarties).

But here are some of the things I've been working on that have gone online already:

An op-ed in Newsday about CBGB's troubles.

A longish review of Carla Speed McNeil's Finder: The Rescuers, from Salon.

A comparison-shopping piece about sunscreen, from Slate.

A review of The Complete Motown Singles, vol. 2: 1962, from Seattle Weekly.

Unrelatedly, but it's been stuck in my head: At a wedding a week or two ago, I met a woman who had a large, kind of awesome tattoo on her arm of Catwoman and Batgirl having a costume-tearing scratch-fight (drawn in an Eric Stanton-type style), and complimented her on it. "Oh, good," she said, "at least you know who they are. Yesterday this guy said 'Why do you have two Catwomans on your arm?' I told him 'actually, one of them's Batgirl.' 'Ahhh,' he said, 'I don't know anything about Spider-Man.' Well, obviously you don't!"


margieb said:

"being on time"..
Didn't Woody allen promise you just had to show up?

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