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A couple of good questions in the last entry's comments--keep 'em coming!

The handwritten sticker on the Peppermints' Jesüs Chryst called it "an eye-blackening blend of Melt-Banana, Joan Jett & the Fall," so honestly there was no way for me to not buy it. It's not that good, on a first listen, but it's good enough that I want to listen a few more times. And definitely to see them live. If they make it to a second album, I bet the songs are going to improve--they've already got the style most of the way there.

I have instituted the regime of Reading For An Hour Before I Sleep--originally intended to be Reading For An Hour When I Wake Up, but given that I'm on the West Coast and most of my editors are on the East, I couldn't justify that. Plus by that time I'm usually too addled to write well and end up surfing dubious Civil-War-reenactment and Shakira fan sites. So I'm presently reading a galley of Bret Easton Ellis's forthcoming Lunar Park--50 pages or so in and I'm happy I started it. I really liked his first three novels (The Rules of Attraction = way underrated), and the new one's the metafictional Belmont-Stakes-championing of his one-trick pony prose style that I've been hoping he'd write for a while. Which is to say that a lot of the first few chapters are about Ellis doing mountains of blow with Jay McInerny, and that he is pretty clearly lying about it. No idea if he's going to be able to sustain this for the rest of the novel, or if he'll ever be able to write another novel without repeating himself (fake memoir seems to be the last square left on the part of the floor he's painted himself into), but I'm enjoying it so far.

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