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While I continue to catch up on stuff I need to write in order to get paid so I can get back to writing here: I am delighted to see that there is an entire site devoted to songs that modulate up half a step for their final chorus. With MP3 examples.

Highlight of my last few days: playing a stripped-down, simplified version of John Zorn's improv game Cobra, in a 27-piece group including Patti, Shayla, Shawna Gore, and a whole lot of people I didn't know. (I played electric uke, Patti played Stylophone, Shayla did vocal stuff, Shawna played drums, and my favorite instrument was a modified Atari 2600 that some guy brought. Also: guitars, vibraphone, oboe, electric organ, violin, etc.)

An illuminating history of the long-defunct site for which I wrote one of my favorite things I've ever written.

In response to this totally evil bit of total evilness: this long and slow-loading but brilliant piece of long, slow-loading brilliance. The Bowie/"Heroes" and Wire/154 ones made me howl out loud.


Lizzzz said:

Nike already has an apology for the ads and posters on their site.


The photoshopped stuff is great though! I especially loved the Spiderland.

hason said:

That Cobra was such fun, too bad by the time you get the hang of it, it's over. Hopefully there will be another one soon. also I really miss Suck.com, and it was a great pleasure to meet Patti, who I have admired for years.
I am making your LL tape tonight.

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