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Gang of Four at the Crystal Ballroom last night: a nostalgia act, as happy as I was to have seen them and as happy as they looked to be playing together again. Opening one-two of "Return the Gift" into "Not Great Men" threw a match into more fuel than is safe at once, but I hoped that the post-Entertainment songs would catch the same kind of spirit, and they didn't--"really inessential," my friend groused. (Reviving "I Parade Myself" was not an idea that would have occurred to many people in the crowd, and those people to whom it did not occur were right; I did find myself crossing my fingers a little, fruitlessly, for "Don't Fix What Ain't Broke.") Jon King slaughtering a microwave with a crowbar as percussion was a nice gesture, though this Bonnie Tyler tribute act seems to have staked their claim on a similar idea a while ago.

This long and intriguing interview with Kyle Baker convinced me to go read the "Continuity Bandit" story he did in Plastic Man a few months ago, and I'm glad I did--a really funny time-travel-paradox story that mangles all the clich├ęs of time-travel-paradox stories, e.g. the heroes travel to the past to try to set the time-stream right by killing Abraham Lincoln and framing John Wilkes Booth for it... best quote from the Baker interview: "Nat Turner's going to be self-published. It has to be. If you're doing a book about slavery, you sort of have to make sure you get all the money, because the whole definition of slavery is when one person does all the work and the other person gets the money."

Updated some of the recent-writing links at left, which I hadn't done in too long. The "rockism" piece in Seattle Weekly has spawned a rather long discussion which gets rather far afield.


Z.D. Smith said:

Yeah, but what was with the gaggles of shrieking beglittered 12 year-old girls with tanktops and handbags at the Go4 show? I felt... out of my element.

Matt Wright said:

zd: those were probably dave allen's daughters and their friends! they're around that age and i'm sure they brought their posse out for dads.

i caught the g4 show at the filmore in san francisco and was totally suprised and blown away. i was expecting "good" but i got awesome. one of the best shows i've seen in a while.

jneilnyc said:

They were pretty hot in NYC. Sad to say, "I Parade Myself" was stronger live than "Anthrax", which didn't seem to hit a full boil either night, while IPM was suitably sinister.

Most disconcerting insight: that Jon King looks like "Al Bundy" from Married With Children being hit with high voltage.

FreedomGirl said:

Just so ya know....Blaine got accepted into Rock Camp for Girls again!! Her Bookworms bandmate Luciana decided not to go this year and didn't apply. The Donnas will be playing at camp opening day....five bucks for non campers.

Camp called today and asked if I would give my permission to have some people came out to interview her for a documentary!!

I am blown away.

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