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Got an email to the effect that one of my favorite songs of this year so far is available for deep-linking, and who am I to refuse? So here you go: Supersystem's "Everybody Sings" (MP3).

Also: a new free His Name Is Alive EP.

A postscript to the ROTS note: across the street from the Seattle Art Museum, where the conference I attended was held, was the Lusty Lady, the famous worker-owned strip club. Its marquee read STARE WARS PEEPISODE 3: REVENGE OF THE STIFF.


bitterbyrden said:

And a mighty bwahahaha at the PEEPISODE. That's just hilarious.

I'm sick. It's 4 in the morning and I'm up and drinking tea and sneezing a lot. Wah.

Oh, but I knew there was a point around here somewhere: I think it would be the most funnest thing in the world to MST3K RotS with you! (How's that for a bunch of acronymistic bullshit?) I kind of started doing it on my own, but MST'ing is sort of rude on first viewing, with other paying customers.


P.S. I got here by that Hype Machine! Which is AWESOME.

lex1976 said:

Oh, Douglas.

I just linked to "Everybody Sings," which to my ears sounded really layered, and *really* fast. A teensy bit like Lemon Jelly's Fruity Track but not as good. Even so, I trust your taste so I kept listening, earnestly, wondering what you liked about the song, wondering why I wasn't getting it At All.

Then I realized that my computer had somehow opened the song-playing window three times and was playing the song on top of itself, three times, near-simultaneously.

I'm an idiot. Great song, though! Thanks.

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