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Couple of new pieces to note: the first installment of an occasional series I'll be doing for the Boston Phoenix on mainstream comics, this time about Birds of Prey and the "superreader" phenomenon; and the new Sound of the Industry column at the Village Voice, this time about EZT, WEA, and a billion dollars in value that are appearing out of nowhere right about now. Also, I'm pleased and kind of amused to report that my Believer article from last year on camp and the so-bad-it's-good aesthetic has appeared in the German-language magazine Der Freund as "Warum Wir Nicht 'Mehr' Campen Gehen."

Having finally gnawed my way all the way through the Complete Commercially Released Recordings of Bob Dylan (um, whew!)--results to appear in Blender later this year--as well as the Complete Peel Session Recordings of the Fall--results to appear in The Believer later this year--I'm tearing into the piles of new stuff that have been building up here, from record-store trips, presents from friends (including a Certain 17-CD-R Set of MP3s that's going to take a while to process), and promos, all of which I've been itching to hear. It feels like the first cold drink after a couple of hours of dehydration--absorbing stuff so quickly and thirstily I can't even register the taste yet. I bought the Nomo album this afternoon, and all I could think on the first play was AFROBEAT, SWEET SWEET AFROBEAT, I HAVE NOT FELT YOUR EMBRACE FOR TOO LONG.


Matt Wright said:

nomo is good music. i'm friends-of-friends with the lead dude, he's totally good people. looking forward to that fall piece!

pinkgerl said:

ahh, whenever i read these manic posts about your listening, i feel so lazzzy! pick the new ellen allien out of the pile, good stuff.

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