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My column at eMusic this month is a brief oral history of Mission of Burma's discography (well, except for Snapshot). Not really what I think of as writing on my part, more like listening and trimming, but they've got some very interesting things to say about their records.

Otherwise: I've hit the one-month mark on my deathgrip dual-throttle Dylanology, listening to all of Bob D.'s records in chronological order for an assignment (today was Infidels day). Getting increasingly fascinated by the subcultural apparatus around the guy--reading Michael Gray's book about his lyrics Song & Dance Man III is making me want to go listen to a lot more prewar blues. The other outstanding (in both senses) listening-for-work I'm doing right now is the Fall's complete radio sessions and the Naked City box--why do I end up taking on the immersion-type projects all the time? This is why I used to make a point of reviewing singles.


pinkgerl said:

douglas - have you read christopher ricks "visions of sin" ? Well, I haven't yet, but I saw him at Columbia on Monday doing a lecture on blonde on blonde and it was mindblowing...check it out!
also, i hear you on the epic assignments thing - i think half the reason i wanted to be a journalist was so that i would always continue learning, reading, being challenged...

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