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Sterling Franklin Wolk was born Monday afternoon around 4:25. 8 pounds, 9 ounces, 21 inches, currently sleeping fitfully about eight inches away from me. Mama and baby both doing great. You can't tell here, but his hair is blond and straight, with a little cowlick up top, and is also the softest thing of all time.

Further baby-related extreme cuteness will generally appear on the more personal blog rather than here; as usual, email me if you want to know where to look. As I've warned before, updates everywhere will probably be sporadic for a bit.


bitterbyrden said:

Oh, look at him! He *is* gorgeous. You weren't lying. Let me know when he is available so I can start on those toes. xo

Poppa Large said:

Doug - congrats on the new arrival. You're in for quite an adventure, believe me.

Btw, thanks for the Blender shoutout ;)

Matt Wright said:

Congratulations Douglas! That kid is hella cute!

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