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I know next to nothing about the band, but Bagpipe Operation's "Molten Boy" (MP3) was the first song on their first of two EPs, both of which had simple silkscreened line-art sleeves and hulkingly distorted recordings of neat weedy little la-la pop tunes. This one (in which I detect a hint of Slay Tracks' arrangements/recording style) came out in 1992 on their own Secret Center label; there was another one a little later on Harriet. The only other things I can tell you is that they were from Sacramento, and that the band's Scott Miller was kind enough to get in touch and give me permission to post this song. Thank you, Scott!

(Not that Scott Miller, but if by chance you're not familiar with that one's awesome power-pop band(s) Game Theory/The Loud Family, do go to that link and help yourself to "Jimmy Still Comes Around" for starters.)

Otherwise: working on a huge reading and listening assignment right now (56 discs, something like 4000 pages), so there's little to report here. Except some stuff about my new neighborhood karaoke joint, but that's over in the other blog.

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