the coconuts shake and the wire trembles

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Andrea Moed sends word that she's got a new, very narrowly focused and very welcome site: Illo Watch, in which she critiques the Op-Ed illustrations from the Times.

Kent Burt of The Linger Effect/NaSoAlMo writes: "My two-year-old unreleased LP (Charmer) is going to be made available as a free download as MP3 & FLAC files on My Mean Magpie's Netlabels site on Feb 1st. As an added incentive for Lacunae readers and NaSoAlMo devotees, there will be a link from the download page to a site with a preview mp3 from my NaSoAlMo album."

(FYI: My Mean Magpie also hosts the "Teenbeat MP3 of the Week," and they will soon be putting out a Teenbeat tribute album which has a track that I um mighthavehadsomethingtodowith.)

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